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Diabetic Food

    A food pyramid for diabeticsDiabetes is a disease that many people face. It immensely affects your diet. So much so, that diabetic food is a category all of its own. Diabetes can potentially result in fatality simply from eating food that is unhealthy. Once diabetes sets in, it doesn't take much of the wrong kinds of food to cause serious problems. What is even more frightening is that if you don't pay close attention to your own body, diabetes can set in and you won't even notice until you eat a little too much of the kinds of food that don't respond well. So even if you don't have diabetes, you should pay close attention to what kinds of foods are diabetic friendly, and carefully monitor yourself to be aware of if and when diabetes sets in.

    Diabetic Foods

    You want to be prepared in case of the onset of diabetes by being educated on diabetic foods. You should also be aware of whether or not diabetes is likely to afflict you at some point in your life, based on your family history and doctor's diagnose. You can avoid a nasty scenario if you are aware of the diabetic food options you have, whether you are likely to get it, and of course, knowing whether or not you have it as early as possible.

    So what makes food diabetic friendly? First and foremost is that diabetic food be sugar free. The primary symptom of diabetes is high blood sugar. If diabetes is present, then your body has one of two problems. Either your pancreas does not produce enough insulin, which takes sugar and pushes it from your blood stream to other parts of your body, or because the other parts of your body are resistant to insulin, and thus the job that it performs. In either case, the result is too much sugar in the blood, and both scenarios are classified as diabetes.

    The role of diabetic food

    Since high blood sugar is always the result of diabetes, and since this is a very dangerous situation, the solution is to very closely monitor and regulate your blood sugar level. This can be most easily achieved by making sure that virtually all of the food and drink you consume is sugar free. By preventing sugar from entering the body, you prevent the problem of dangerously high blood sugar levels. Thus, diabetic food is very frequently associated with Sugar Free Food.

    Of course, it is not simply a manner of swearing off sugar for the rest of your life. Your body can take food you eat and break it down into sugar, so even if you don't consume sugar, your body can create it from other sources. Depending upon what type of diabetes you have, sugar free diabetic food may not be your only concern. Food that are low in fat may be crucial to your diabetic diet. Additionally, consistent consumption of food at regular times may be important. Even if you eat low fat, low sugar foods as a diabetic, eating a variety of different things may also spike your blood sugar for better or worse.

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