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Zodiac Sign Tattoos

There are so many people that are really into the zodiac signs and have been for a very long time. There is a big interest in the fact that our lives and actions have been based upon the naming of the constellations. Just about every culture has their own version of the zodiac and is many different names for astrology around the world. There are 12 different signs for the zodiac, each one having a different meaning to it and a different sign for each one as well. Here is a list of all the zodiacs and a description of their meanings, along with a picture of what the zodiac sign tattoos look like.

Meanings Of Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Since each zodiac sign represents a different phase of the stars and the Earth the meanings for the signs is always different than the other. Learn exactly what each zodiac sign tattoo stands for before you get one. Below are great tips of picking out a zodiac tattoo that best fits your personality and style.

Capricorn Zodiac Symbol.CAPRICORN: (December23 to January 20) they are represented by the goat. And have many qualities to them which are unique. They are most of the time practical and prudent, well mannered and go getters, cautious and are patient. There is however a down side to them they have a tendency to hold grudges, and be pessimistic. A goat tattoo is a great way to show your Capricorn pride.

Aquarius Zodiac Tattoos.AQUARIUS :( January 21 to February 19) is the water carrier. Some of the strong points for this sign is friendly to others, they are truthful and very loyal, they have their own ideas about things and don't use others, independent, however there are some down falls as well such as you cant predict what they will do next, perversity, and have really no sense of emotion. Ideas for Aquarius tattoos are the water symbol,Aquarius written out and a women in water as your tattoo.

Zodiac Sign For Pisces.PISCES :( February 20 to March 20) also goes by the fish, two fish swimming in the opposite direction of one another. Some of the Pisces strengths are that they have great imaginations and are emotional people as well compassion and a great deal of kindness. They put themselves last for others along with an unworldly disposition. Some down falls are they tend to get away alot, not very strong willed, they tend to believe others easily, and also very secretive. Great Ideas For Pisces Zodiac Tattoos are the two Pisces fish, a fish in water or the Pisces symbol tattoo.

The Aries Zodiac Symbol.ARIES :( March 21 to April 20) is a ram or the god of war. They often have alot of energy, always wanting to be out doing something exciting, not to afraid of things, and confident of one self as well as enthusiastic, and very smart. Some of the down falls are many Aries are bad tempered, they do not want to wait, they act without thinking, and they take to many risks. They do not even think about it they just do. Some Aries tattoo ideas are the ram,the Aries zodiac symbol and the word Aries written out.

Taurus Zodiac Symbol Tattoo.TAURUS :( April 21 to May 21) is the bull. They are real patient; you can count on them for anything, very caring and compassionate for others. They don't give up and are very determine. Some of their down falls include being very possessive and jealous of things, they can be selfish and greedy. The bull is a great Taurus tattoo ideas as well as a Taurus word tattoo.

Gemini Sign Tattoos.GEMINI :( May 22 to June 21)is a set of twins. They are very bright, they act younger, they can adjust to just about anything, a lot of energy, full of life. Some of their down falls are they tend to get nervous easily, they say one thing to some one then go to some one else and say another thing they can also be very sneaky and slip right past you. A tattoo of twins one evil and one good is a great idea for any Gemini tattoo.

The Cancer Zodiac Symbol.CANCER :( June 22 to July 22) is a crab. They have a big heart and show emotions easily, they can think of things off the top of their heads and are often mischievous. They are very careful of things, they look out for others, and have a great deal of sympathy. Some of their downfalls are they can have mood swing fast, very sensitive, and it is hard for them to let of certain things. A crab tattoo and the Cancer symbol are fun tattoo ideas.

Leo Zodiac Sign.LEO :( July 23 to August 22) is a lion. They are giving, very caring and free spirited. They think of a lot of stuff on their own, they show a great deal of enjoyment, open minded to new things, true to others, and have a lot of love for people. Some of their down falls are they tend to tell others what to do and how to do it, they get it others affairs, they don't handle things well some times, and giving their opinions in an arrogant manner. The best Leo tattoos are a lion with a huge mane or the Leo symbol which resembles a lions tail.

The Virgo Zodiac Sign.VIRGO :( August 23 to September 23) is the virgin. They are not very outspoken. They are a pleasure to be around, very smart, you can count on them if you need. They show a great deal of decency, they care about the little details in things, they are always trying to accomplish things. Some of their downfalls are that they tend to worry a lot; they can be to truthful and hurt people, they have to be perfect in all they do. A tattoo of a pure and innocent women is a great way to show your Virgo appreciation.

Libra Zodiac SignLIBRA :( September 24 to October 23) is the balance scale. They are great romancers, very laid back. They have a good knowing of what's right in life, and they are great if they have to deal with a sensitive issue. Their down falls are they can not decide certain things, they believe everything they hear, and they like to be flirty with others, and think about themselves. The scale is a great tattoo idea for a Libra as well as the single symbol that represents this sign.

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign.SCORPIO :( October 24 to November 22) is the scorpion. They push hard for what they want. They have strong feelings for things, they have a lot of knowledge, they have a strong happiness for things as well. Some of their downfalls are they tend to hide certain things, they are jealous in nature, they hold grudges easily, they like to be in control, and they obsess over stuff. A tribal scorpion tattoo is a fun way to show your sign.

Sagittarius Sign.SAGITTARIUS :( November 23 to December 22) they are a centaur archer. They are expectant, they like to do things on their own and as they please, they are not afraid to tell you how things are, and they are very smart in having a conversation with you. Some of their downfalls are they do not think before they do, not very responsible, they are on the go at all times, and do not have very good manners. The Centaur is often depicted in Sagittarius tattoos.

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